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Welcome to the incredible world of The Dolphin Centre
in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique.

Join us in experiencing the thrill of swimming with wild Bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, snorkelling on vibrant reefs, watching seasonal whale migrations, and exploring diverse marine wildlife. The Dolphin Centre provides unforgettable adventures that connect you with the magic of the marine world nestled in the southern bays of Mozambique.

In Ponta, we share a remarkable connection with wild dolphins, including both permanent residents and others passing through the area. Through years of engagement, we’ve forged profound bonds and intricate inter-relationships with these marine beings.

The Dolphin Centre team is committed to the enduring preservation of our incredible surroundings. We have made it our primary mission to safeguard the well-being and conservation of dolphins and other marine life in the region.

As one of only two authorised dolphin operators in the Ponta do Ouro region, our wild swim program adheres to a strict Code of Conduct. This code is meticulously crafted from extensive experience swimming with these magnificent creatures, ensuring an eco- conscious and sustainable approach. With experienced guides, we assure you that our rigorous practice standards ensure the well-being of marine life and that your safety is at the forefront of your expedition.

We advocate for Responsible Marine Mammal Tourism, promoting a sustainable and eco- friendly approach that contributes to environmental conservation through education. Education stands as our primary strategy in fulfilling our commitment to conservation, firmly believing that through learning, we attain our conservation goals.

At The Dolphin Centre, our aim is to provide you with an unparalleled experience when swimming with wild dolphins. We look forward to sharing this enchanting dance with the dolphins of Ponta, our cherished and special finned friends.

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