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Film and Media

As our coastline is protected by the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve, we ensure the necessary licenses and film permits are obtained through the National Administration for the Conservation Areas (ANAC).

The Dolphin Centre has been fortunate to collaborate with esteemed film photographers and production companies over the years, including notable names such as National Geographic, BBC/John Downer, Earth Touch, and Aqua Visions. Our privilege extends to working with renowned photographers like Thomas Peschak, Sijmon De Waal, Ian Wood, Cormac McCreesh, Barry Skinstad and Roger Horrocks.

Our commitment extends to responsible and ethical filming practices, prioritising the avoidance of undue stress on marine life. We strictly adhere to a code of conduct designed to fulfil our primary objective of safeguarding the well-being and preservation of dolphins at all times.

Our dedication to maintaining biodiversity and comprehending marine ecosystems within the Ponta Partial Marine Reserve encourages us to use film as a means of promoting education and understanding. Importantly, we ensure that this effort has no negative impact on our environment.

Filming Permits

Since Ponta do Ouro has been designated a marine protected area, film permits must be obtained from the Department of Tourism and the National Administration for the Conservation Areas (ANAC). These permits can also be acquired at the Marine Park office in Ponta do Ouro.

This film fee is a requirement within the conservation area and can pose a challenge for some film crews. However, it’s worth noting that Mozambique still allows in-water observations of dolphins, providing a significant advantage over other sites in South Africa.

We are happy to assist with logistics for obtaining the film permits, but please be aware that securing the permits is your responsibility.