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Dolphin Centre Boats

We pride ourselves in having all our equipment and boats in pristine condition. Both our boats are fitted with four stroke motors, well maintained and serviced regularly.

However as to maintain our one boat policy on dolphins at all times, we cannot use these boats together.

Kira is our dedicated dolphin boat used for the dolphin swim interactions while Avalon is used specifically for film crews and serves as a back up boat when needed for hire.


“KIRA” has been specially designed for snorkel based excursions to ensure the comfort of our onboard guests.

Kira is a 8m semi rigid Rubber duck, powered by the new age Yamaha 100 horsepower 4 stroke motors.

Far more environmentally friendly and creates far less noise pollution, than conventional dive boat motors, which is excellent for our finned friends.

Down the middle of the boat are cushioned dry boxes for the guest’s convenience, which are perfect for stowing away towels,jackets and camera’s.


Avalon is a 7m semi rigid Rubber duck, powered by Fuel injected Yamaha 70 horsepower 4 stroke motors.

She is also fitted with cushioned centre dry boxes, great for film crews camera equipment.

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