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We take great pride in maintaining our equipment and our boat is in impeccable condition. Our boat is equipped with well-maintained four-stroke motors, undergoing regular servicing.

“KIRA” has been specifically crafted for snorkel-based excursions, prioritizing the comfort of our onboard guests. This 8m semi-rigid Rubber duck is powered by the latest Yamaha 100 horsepower 4-stroke motors. These motors are not only more environmentally friendly but also generate significantly less noise pollution compared to conventional dive boat engines, which is beneficial for our marine companions.

Along the centre of the boat, cushioned dry boxes are provided for the convenience of our guests. These boxes are ideal for storing towels, jackets, and cameras during the excursion. The maximum amount of passengers per boat is 16, including skipper and crew. The crew usually includes 1-2 dolphin facilitators/guides (depending on passenger and film requirements), a skipper and one boat deckhand.