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Marine Life

In Southern Mozambique, Ponta Do Ouro boasts remarkable biodiversity both on land and in the ocean. This destination offers a unique opportunity to observe and engage with extraordinary marine creatures, including our resident bottlenose dolphins. When these dolphins are in a social mood, they willingly engage with us, creating once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable memories.

Throughout the year, dolphin swims are a regular occurrence, providing encounters with various species, including the rare and endangered Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin and the pelagic Spinner and Pan-Tropical Spotted dolphins.

During the summer months (December to May), there is a chance to snorkel with turtles and manta rays. In contrast, the winter months (July to November) bring awe inspiring sightings and surface displays from Humpback Whales, which travel thousands of kilometres from the cold Arctic waters to give birth and mate in the warm Mozambique Channel.

The allure of these unique sightings attracts marine enthusiasts from across the globe. We take pride in sharing the wonders of this beautiful coastline through informative educational briefings and a genuine love for our oceans. We hope you find the information we’ve compiled on these marine animals enjoyable and look forward to guiding you to witness these incredible creatures!