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General Information about travelling in Mozambique


South Africans DO NOT require a visa to enter Mozambique. All you need to produce is a valid passport.
Non South Africans DO require a visa to enter Mozambique. These can either be obtained at a Mozambique embassy OR directly at the entry border. Your passport needs to be valid for 3 months with two clear pages.
Kosi Bay Border opening and closing times are usually 8am – 5pm. In peak season they do keep border open a bit later, but always try to plan you trip around their usual times to be safe.


Drivers License & ID Book
Valid Passport
Vehicle Registration papers
2 x Red Triangles
1 x Reflector Jacket
ZA Sticker
Registration papers for trailers
Note: Vehicles and trailers registered in the name of an institution or person other than the driver need a certified letter of authority from the registered person /institute to comply with Mozambique regulation.


Make sure your personal and car insurance companies know you will be going on holiday in Mozambique.
Purchase vehicle third party insurance at the border (approx. R150). This is compulsory and very important in case you do have an accident in Mozambique.


It is illegal to drive any vehicle on the beaches – you may only do so to launch a boat at the registered launch site inside the campsite.
To quad bike owners, please note:
Children under the age of 16 years will not be allowed to ride quads in town.
Underage children may only ride quads in the designated area outside of town.
Unruly and unsafe behaviour i.e. noise pollution or drinking and driving on quads can get your quad bike confiscated by the authorities
The official speed limit in town is 20kmph.
You are required to carry your driver’s license with you at all times.
Also take note that no persons are aloud to hang on the sides of vehicles or on the back of an open tailgate – you will be fined. Reckless driving may result in arrest or your vehicle/quad bike confiscated.
Ponta authorities apply minimum fines of R5000.00 for people not adhering to above rules.


All permits are issued at the Maritime Office, which is past the petrol station opposite Coco Rico. Fishing from the shore is free, however from a boat it costs 500mts per person PLUS the Boat Launch Permits which is 800mts.


Mobile phone networks cover all the main areas. Local sim cards are also widely available with Vodacom and MTN. Wireless Internet is available at Upstairs Restaurant and for our clients at the Dolphin Centre.


If you are detained by the authorities or become destitute due to circumstances beyond your control, contact the consular section of the SA High Commission – 41 Eduardo Mondlane Ave, Maputo, tel 00258 21 491 614/ 00258 84 304 4600.

There are no hospitals in Ponta Do Oura. Any medical incidents requiring treatment please contact Sandy from Oceana Diving +258 84 847 8110. Please bear in mind that if there are any serious medical requirements, the border closes at 5pm and takes up to 3 hours to open again if needed. We do however have a small pharmacy which carries most items.


There is no need to exchange rands for the local currency, which is the Mozambique meticais (pronounced meticash). The South African Rand is used freely in Ponta Do Ouro.
There is an ATM in Ponta at BCI bank that only accepts visa card; you will receive meticais from this ATM.
The exchange rate varies from R1.00 = (Mt 3.8- Mt 5.0)


Most businesses within Ponta accept credit card, however some only accept Visa and others only MasterCard. Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre accepts both card types.


Ponta Do Oura does fall within the endemic area for malaria. Although no malaria has been experienced in the last 16 years, we do recommend you take other precautions.
Recommended mosquito repellents – Peaceful Sleep, Tabard, Citronella or mosquito coils.
Prophylaxis -If you are going to take medication Malarone and Doxycycline are the two most commonly recommended by physicians. Please contact your doctor.


Most of Mozambique falls within the tropics, so it has favourable conditions all year round and rarely gets cold. The rainy season is from October to April and temperatures can get hot and humid. Winter months show mild temperatures of lowest 16-23 degrees and peak summer up to 37 degrees, which is December to March.


Mosquito Repellents
Torch & energy lamp
Camera & batteries
Small medical kit with basic items – hydrogen peroxide is very effective for insect bites and scratches. We also recommend an ointment for insect bites and other basic supplies.
Beach Gazebo
Drinking water – water is expensive to buy in Mozambique and some places to don’t have tap water to drink. In Somente Lodge however the water has been tested and is safe for human consumption.


Most restaurants accept Visa.
Expect a variety of different menus from seafood to ribs (most important is the Mozambique traditional chicken!)


There is a bottle store for all alcohol necessities. The market also sells beers and local rum.
The market supplies fresh Portuguese bread called Pao as well as basic vegetables and salad ingredients.

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